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I am a 19 year old artist from Philadelphia, Mississippi. I grew up around music. My purpose is to make songs that take you on a journey and to give you the ultimate listening experience.


My mom played music all the time so music is my DNA. But my hip-hop journey started while watching an older cousin make music. At 12 years old, I was hooked immediately. I listened and studied the art and the culture from sun up until sun down. Eventually I was able to get recording equipment piece by piece until I had enough to begin recording. The first song I let anyone hear was a school anthem that I made. To my surprise it was well received and since that time I have not looked back. I have been going harder and harder ever since. I touch music every day in some capacity and I am always trying to improve on my craft.

My influences are everyone in the culture from the artists, producers, dancers, video directors, and the fans of hip-hop who puts it down every single day for the culture and to make sure that hip-hop has a platform.

My music influences span the globe of all genres.  And because I do listen to so my styles of music, my creativity has no limits when it comes to me making music. I truly appreciate the artform of music and I work to make sure my music reflects that.

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